Thursday, September 25, 2014

LadyBug Bags

I had originally thought about making LadyBug Bags and putting in them samples of the things I make. I tried it out and didn't get any bites. I have decided to change routes with it. I have nearly 800+ friends on Facebook that do direct sales. I can charge $10 a month for 100 bags for me to fill with whatever they provide to put in them from mini catalogs, mini fliers, business cards, samples and more. I will put them in baskets and take to the different places like doctors offices, dentists, hospital staff, hair salons, nail salons and more. As well as handing them out myself and placing on cars and such.

I can get the baskets or larger gift bags from the dollar store or get them at flea markets or yard sales. I am going to email all my friends this evening and see what I can get going. I am still working on my crafts but had to share this new idea.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

New website...

I tried the storenvy website and didn't not like how limited my option were with them so I changed my website. It is now and I have items on there ready to ship. I have tissue box covers, coaster sets, and checkbook covers right now but will be adding more items soon. There are plastic canvas items on there now but I will be adding sewn items as well here soon. I like Etsy more than the other website. I can do more with it.

We only have 18 more days and my son comes back from Kosovo to his home base of Fort Hood, TX and I can't wait to see him. We have not seen him in almost two years. I have my oldest daughter and granddaughter as well as my two little girls (who aren't so little anymore) to keep me occupied and inspired.

I like the people that I work with (well, some of them) but I need a I really want my website to get up and running. I hope I can achieve that soon.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

SF 49'ers TBC

I made a tissue box cover for a customer a couple of weeks ago of the 49ers and she love it. I didn't have a pattern so I just looked at a picture online of one and counted out the stitches. What do you think? 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Christmas came out early...

I have decided to start working on some of the baskets that I am making for my two daughters classes for their Christmas parties. I have to make 40 of them so I always start them in August to have enough time to get them done and not have to rush. Here is a pic of the snowman one. I will make the soldier one tomorrow and post it. 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Website revisited

I set up a website on storenvy sometime last year and decided to open it back up. The thing is that I have to decide what items I want to put on there. I had several items on there but didn't do all of the advertising that I know how to do now. What do you all think? Would you check it out?

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Been MIA...sorry about that!

I am so sorry I have been MIA for a while. I have been dealing with some issues in my personal life and needed a break. I have myself back together and have been looking at some new ideas for my plastic canvas crafts. Thinking about getting back into selling them when I get some things made up. I am looking at some little baskets to fill with candy for my girls' classes for their Christmas parties. I know it is only August and we are only a few days into the school year but this way I have plenty of time to make them because I am going to have to make 40 of them. I am also thinking about making a feta little baskets and fill them with some things from the dollar store and raffle them off. Just a few of the ideas that I am throwing around. Also want to make some ornament sets for Christmas. 

I am thinking about starting a Facebook page for the Crafty Goddess once I get some things made and sell them on there. Tons of ideas but yes I am awake enough to have written these things down. There are even some patterns for composition book covers, checkbook covers, and even some little things to put tissues in and put in your purse.

Well, that is about it for the night. I will try to write more tomorrow. Good night y'all and stay crafty.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Welcome Back!

Good evening my lovies! I know it has been a while but the Crafty Goddess is back in action. Took a little hiatus to get some things in order. Now that it is done I am back to creating new things. I have made party favors for a baby shower, a "It's a boy!" door hanger and a personalized name plate for a baby's room. All items were for customers. I have been looking at some other patterns that I am going to make and sell.

Here is my game plan. I am going to make several items that are large items to use as a display to show what I can make and make smaller items (like key chains, backpack buddies, etc) and it will be set up in a booth a our local flea market and even at some local crafts fairs. I will have this set up like what you see at home parties like Initials Inc, Scentsy and the Tupperware parties. I ev entually want to have my business turn into a home party company but I need to get it going first. I have had two orders since I opened it three weeks ago.

I have my fan page on Facebook but don't have a website set up yet. I am taking it one step at a time. I have 212 likes on my fan page as of 2/1/2013 so I am not doing too bad getting my name out there. I do have some other plans on what I am going to do. I am going to do a website up and then make fliers to hand out. Newsletters and even starting a mailing list. Those on the mailing list are the only ones that will have access to some of the specials that I will be offering.

Here is a picture of the door hanger. I can also make it pink and put "It's a girl!" on it. Please feel free to comment on this post to let me know what you think. :)