Wednesday, September 24, 2014

New website...

I tried the storenvy website and didn't not like how limited my option were with them so I changed my website. It is now and I have items on there ready to ship. I have tissue box covers, coaster sets, and checkbook covers right now but will be adding more items soon. There are plastic canvas items on there now but I will be adding sewn items as well here soon. I like Etsy more than the other website. I can do more with it.

We only have 18 more days and my son comes back from Kosovo to his home base of Fort Hood, TX and I can't wait to see him. We have not seen him in almost two years. I have my oldest daughter and granddaughter as well as my two little girls (who aren't so little anymore) to keep me occupied and inspired.

I like the people that I work with (well, some of them) but I need a I really want my website to get up and running. I hope I can achieve that soon.

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