Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sock Monkey

Good evening Ladies. As you have probably already noticed, the title of this entry is Sock Monkey. The reason for this is that I am thinking about trying this little project. Has anyone tried this? It looks like it is not that hard to do. I am going this weekend to get a new sewing machine because the one that I had messed up from me using it so much. I am really excited about this. I am still doing plastic canvas and still have my website. I am ready to be a stay at home mom and stop being a temporary employee. I love doing my crafts and I love being at home with my kids. It felt good yesterday to be able to be at home with my daughter when she as sick but the only reason that I was able to stay home was because I had to call in because my van would not crank. I have been working on teacup keychains and next is the flip flop key chains. I will have these on my website once I get them done and sell them for $3 each. They will be good size. I am also working on some framed wall hangings. I will post pictures when I get them done. There is one of late NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt, one of a 9-11 tribute, and one of Elvis. These are just a few of them.

What do you ladies think? I have been getting lots of hits on my website but not many orders. Can you all check out the website and please tell me what could be done better?

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