Saturday, November 5, 2011

November Update

I know that I have not been online in a while but I have been working on some things. I have been getting my inventory together and getting my advertising done. It has not been easy but I am already starting to see it paying off a little. I know that this business is not going to just boom overnight and I know that it is a lot of work and even more waiting but I am here to update you on some good things that are happening.

I have been working on some ideas for my business but have also been working on making plastic canvas stockings for all of the children in both my little girls' classes for their Christmas parties in December. I am making 40 of them to make sure that I have enough for all of the children. They stand approximately a foot tall and will be stuffed to the gills with candy and small gifts for the children. I make something for the Christmas parties every year.

Another thing that I am working on is a thing called "A Cup of Friendship Tea" and I am making a bunch of these and will be putting them in baskets and delivering them to some of the local businesses as gifts to help get my name out there. I have a cousin that has her own beauty salon and she is letting me place a basket there and told me that she would offer all of her clients one. There will be business cards hanging from the handles of the little tea cups with a friendship poem on the back and a tea bag inside of the tea cup. I have been making a list of places to deliver them to. One is my daughters' doctor's office and my husband's doctor's office just to name a couple.

I am still very optimistic about this. I am also designing fliers to mail out to some of my family and friends to help get my name out and also getting my catalog together. I want to eventually get to the point that I can do home shows and maybe even get to become like these other home party companies. Big dreams, huh?

Well, thanks for listening. Please take the time to check out my website and if you see something that you want to order and make a custom order please place the other and then email me at to give me the details of your order.

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