Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Precious Pretties

I have decided to start my own craft business. I have been looking into this for a while. I will be opening an online store on once I get my inventory built up a little so that I have something to sell. I will be posting some of the things that I make on my blog so that I can get your input on what you would pay for some of the things that I am going to be selling. They will all be made out of plastic canvas for now but maybe later I will venture into other crafts once I get going. I would love to hear your input on some of the things that I make. Please stay posted for some wonderful home decor and gifts. The name of my business is Precious Pretties. I will also have a Facebook fan page. I will post all of the info on my blog once I get everything set up. I do have an email address if you would like to be on my mailing list or have any questions.

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