Sunday, July 11, 2010

Plastic Canvas

Plastic canvas is similar to cross stitch. The patterns are similar but instead of cloth canvas the canvas is made of a soft plastic in the form of a kind of a grid.

I have been doing plastic for about 5 years now. I was placed on bed rest during my pregnancy with my youngest child. My mother started me on it to give me something to do to keep me from going crazy during my three months of bed rest. It really was relaxing and the more that I did it the more I was decorating my house.

I made everything from wall hangings, tissue box covers, coaster sets, and even block calenders. After a while I could look at the patter and all of a sudden I would see new patterns. I would make my own patterns and design my own crafts. It was really neat all of the things that I was coming up with.

Here is July's challenge for all of you. Plastic canvas is not that expensive and neither is the yarn. You can get them at Walmart. The challenge is...create something out of plastic canvas that will go with the theme of a baby shower. This could be for a boy or girl and even for multiple babies. You have until July 30th to make it and post a pic in the comment on this post. The person with the most unique post will be the Crafter of the Month for the month of August. Good luck ladies.

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